total, annular, and partial eclipse

Connecting Scientists and Engineers to NASA’s Science Activation Effort

Here you will find content organized to get you started, such as training, presentations, and facilitation materials, along with a way to shop opportunities to share NASA science with audiences of all ages.

UV light from corona during total eclipse


An asynchronous training module for engaging with the public that integrates safe viewing practices, NASA science and mission connections, along with eclipse lingo for use with the general public. Certificate provided upon completion!

Eclipse observers

Eclipses 101 slide deck

An editable slide deck designed for the general public that can be used either virtually or in-person for your outreach events and presentations. Just make a copy from your own Google account and go!

Eclipse observers sitting in grass

Engage the public

A one-stop shop to find ways you can connect with the general public via NASA Science Activation teams for the eclipse. Here you will find sites seeking in-person or virtual engagements from subject matter experts in coordination with their eclipse events.

Pinhole projector diagram

Facilitation materials

A full list of NASA and NASA Science Activation generated materials you can use during your engagement with the public. Materials include citizen science opportunities, alternative viewing mechanisms, and NASA science/mission connections.