total, annular, and partial eclipse

Engaging the public

Here you will find opportunities to connect with the public. The opportunities listed here are available in-person and in virtual capacities. Many of the details of these events continue to be in development. If you find a location or topic of interest, let us know! We will connect you with the appropriate organizers to see if it the right connection for you.

Engaging the public during the eclipse

A one-stop shop for connecting with the public.

2023 and 2024 eclipse locations map

Potential eclipse outreach sites

An interactive map of locations, primarily national parks, looking to host or facilitate events the day of the eclipse. This map is updated periodically, so please check back regularly for new opportunities as they arise.

Potential eclipse outreach events

A NASA curated list of known events associated with the eclipse events. This list is filtered to all events occurring before Oct. 14th. It includes u003cstrongu003eNASA Hostedu003c/strongu003e events organized and hosted by NASA, u003cstrongu003eNASA Speakeru003c/strongu003e events organized and hosted by others but including a NASA presenter, and u003cstrongu003eNASA Affiliatedu003c/strongu003e events organized and hosted by NASA partners, like Science Activation teams