total, annular, and partial eclipse

Printable materials

Here you will find materials to support your engagement with the public. The materials listed are freely available to you, however some require citation for use of their materials. You may download and share these materials in your community, at an event, during presentations, or with organizations requesting materials. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Printable materials

A full list of NASA and NASA Science Activation generated materials and activities to engage the public.

Experience the great western ring of fire eclipse retro poster

2023 annular eclipse travel poster

Midcentury modern travel poster. Credit: NASA/Tyler Nordgren

Eclipse fact sheet

Experience the eclipse

Fact sheet for the annular solar eclipse. Credit: NASA

Eclipse fact sheet in spanish

Experience the eclipse - Spanish

Fact sheet for Hispanic communities for the annular solar eclipse. Credit: NASA

Moon observation tracking sheet with circles to complete daily

Moon observation journal

A special annular eclipse edition for 2023. Credit: NASA's International Observe the Moon Night

3D print in the shape of the US with annularity paths and a hole for pinhole viewing

Pinhole projector

A 2D and 3D printable pinhole viewer Credit: NASA HEAT

Information for safe viewing

Safe eclipse viewing flyer - English and Spanish

Educational flyer with important safety information. Credit: NASA/AAS

Banner header

Pop-up banner

A pop-up banner for eclipse events highlighting eclipse science, safety, and data collection opportunities. Credit: NASA HEAT

Eclipse folder cover

Two-pocket folder

Folder showcases valuable information about the eclipse, safe viewing methods, and highlights NASA's science. Credit: NASA HEAT

Annular eclipse with ring

Annular eclipse poster

The poster captures the breathtaking beauty of the annular eclipse, showcasing its unique ring-like shape formed by the Moon partially blocking the Sun. Credit: NASA HEAT

2023 and 2024 eclipse locations map

Eclipses path map

The 2023 and 2024 solar eclipses map and data illustrating the paths of the Moon’s shadow across the U.S. Credit: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

Solar eclipse journal page

Solar eclipse journal - English and Spanish

Student sheet for recording observations and data during a solar eclipse. Credit: GLOBE Observer

Annular eclipse image and date to left and total eclipse image and date to right

Save the date postcard

Postcard to save the date or share your thoughts from the eclipse experience to send to friends and family. Credit NASA HEAT