Mihir Desai Bio

Mihir Desai

Heliophyiscs Advisor

Mihir Desai is the Director of the Department of Space Research at the Southwest Research Institute. His work focuses on the origin, acceleration, and transport of energetic particles in planetary magnetospheres, interplanetary space, and the solar corona and radiation and space weather effects on humans and earth. He currently serves as xcience team member on Ulysses, ACE, Wind, IBEX, and Juno, PI/Co-I on numerous NASA and NSF-funded Data Analysis & Modeling Projects, CoI on BepiColombo-Strofio, and Parker Solar Probe, member of NASA’s Heliophysics Subcommittee and the 2013 Roadmap, PI: Heliophysics: The CubeSat Mission to study Solar Particles, and member of the Science Committee of NASA’s Advisory Council Since March 2017.