GSA Short Course

Inclusive Outreach with NASA SCoPE

Saturday, October 8 2022

What does it really mean to be inclusive? How can understanding this term lead to increased audience engagement and more successful educational outreach? Join the NASA SCoPE team for a multi-faceted approach to expanding your educational outreach through inclusive outreach techniques, collaboration with NASA Science Activation Teams, and seed grant funding opportunities.

Multi-ethnic group of friends with their heads together in a circle outdoors

NASA's Science Mission Directorate’s Science Activation program (SciAct) is home to 50 educational outreach teams that engage with learners of all ages, demographics, and needs. To ensure that their outreach is both current and accurate, these teams bring in scientists and engineers as reviewers, presenters, and in other roles. The NASA SCoPE project is working to bring more and more diverse scientists into the SciAct “ecosystem”. In this short-course, we will begin by introducing participants to NASA SciAct and to the specific educational outreach work of some of its teams. This will help participants to connect with SciAct teams after the short-course that are most closely connected to their areas of expertise. We will spend the majority of the time providing training on inclusive outreach, helping participants recognize and speak to the needs of various learner audiences. Finally, the short-course will conclude with an overview of the seed grant program that SCoPE runs twice-annually. This program is intended to jump-start specific educational outreach projects in collaboration with one or more of these NASA SciAct teams.

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