total, annular, and partial eclipse

Digital materials

Here you will find materials to support your engagement with the public. The materials listed are freely available to you, however some require citation for use of their materials. You may download and share these materials in your community, at an event, during presentations, or with organizations requesting materials. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Digital materials during the eclipse

A full list of NASA and NASA Science Activation generated materials and activities to engage the public.

Two dressed Navajo sitting among the constellations in front of a moon and an eclipse.

Indigenous eclipse teachings

This video includes Navajo and Cherokee teachings on solar eclipses. Credit: Indigenous Education Institute (IEI)

Space Place Logo

What is a solar eclipse

This brief video talks about why a solar eclipse happens. Credit: NASA Space Place

Cereal box cover

Make a pinhole viewer

A brief video demonstrating how to make a pinhole camera for safe, indirect eclipse viewing. Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Man holding phone with application on screen

Solar eclipse app

A free application from Exploratorium to watch the eclipse livestream and more. Credit: Exploratorium

NASA interview during an eclipse event in a field

Eclipse livestream

Eclipse location livestreams including sonification and Spanish streams. Credit: Exploratorium